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    I help to deal with ailments of the spine and joints using techniques of manual therapy (chiropractic). I treat injuries among amateur sportsmen. All treatments are performed by master in physiotherapy.

    I can offer rehabilitation for patients after trauma, surgeries and with chronic musculoskeletal disorders. I work with the scar tissue.

    In Poland, there is no institution authorized to train chiropractors. Polish equivalent of chiropractic is manual therapy, which can also affect the performance of the joints.

    Price of the visit covers all the techniques and the latest therapeutic methods. 

    My main education steps:

    University of Medical Sciences in Poznań / Physiotherapy

    German school of manual therapy – a structured therapeutic work system consisting of identifying the location of the disrupted structure (muscle, joint, nerve), introducing therapy that improves the mobility of the structure, and exercise/movement that strengthens the muscle system responsible for the weakened structure’s function.

    FMS functional movement system – a concept identifying movement-related problems (asymmetry in the body, lack of strength, lack of mobility) and introducing exercises that reduce these deficits. The beginning of understanding the impact of posture patterns on pain and injuries.

    Pilates training – understanding body movement as a whole, where the essence is the control of the center’s position – the abdomen and chest, on which the movement of the limbs is based. The essence of proper breathing coordinated with each movement. Awareness of body position in space and unloading joints through continuous anti-gravity work of skeletal muscles.

    Zoga Movement – a view of the body as a whole in motion in three dimensions, taking into account the position of internal organs, bundles of vessels, and nerves. The concept of tensegrity in the body (tension and integrity), which is the mutual stabilization of stretched and compressed elements. The body as a spatial system, in which rigid elements (bones) are connected and maintained in position by elastic elements (soft tissues). The position of the bone elements is defined by the tension of the soft tissues. In other words, we can influence joints by working on the elasticity of soft tissues. Zoga Movement is one of the concepts of structural integration, where by working on soft tissue tension, we influence the body’s position in space.

    Bone Work Sharon Wheeler – a unique concept of working with bones, restoring their proper position in relation to soft tissues and other bones. This is also a method of working on bone tissue itself, restoring the natural shape of a bone deformed by injury.

    First visit step by step

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    The visit takes about one hour – during first meeting I also evaluate your health condition and plan the therapy. Bring your current medical results.



    Prepare yourself for the treatment – take a tracksuit or just some loose clothing.



    I am waiting for you at the appointed time. Please, notify me of any problems in reaching the place.


    Price list

    1h visit/consultation 180 zlotys

    1,5h visit – postural correction ZOGA 270 zlotys

    Card or cash payment