• Manual therapy / chiropractic / massage / Pilates reformer

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    I help to deal with ailments of the spine and joints using techniques of manual therapy (chiropractic). I treat injuries among amateur sportsmen. I also offer sport massage and lymphatic drainage. All treatments are performed by master in physiotherapy.

    I can offer rehabilitation for patients after trauma, surgeries and with chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

    In Poland, there is no institution authorized to train chiropractors. Polish equivalent of chiropractic is manual therapy, which can also affect the performance of the joints.

    Price of the visit covers all the techniques and the latest therapeutic methods. Everything is done as soon as possible so that you can return to normal activity. Your pain will be moved away in 7 days!


    First visit step by step

    Contact me


    Make an appointment via e-mail or phone.

    Time reservation


    The visit takes about one hour – during first meeting I also evaluate your health condition and plan the therapy. Bring your current medical results.



    Prepare yourself for the treatment – take a tracksuit or just some loose clothing.



    I am waiting for you at the appointed time. Please, notify me of any problems in reaching the place.


    Price list

    Rehabilitation / Manual Therapy (Chiropratic)

    Visit 6 visits
    Visit / consultation with a physiotherapist takes about 50 min., the price includes all available therapeutic techniques and supporting methods 180 zł  1020 zł


    1 h
    sports / medical / during pregnancy 200 zł

    Lymphatic drainage

    55 min.
      180 zł

    1 application


    1 application
    taping only 50 złotych